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The Doofus - Occasional Number 1 - 18 Traditional Songs And Tunes For Mountain Dulcimer

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When you take a few legendary performers, put them in an ensemble with a kooky name, and provide them with good, solid arrangements of some great songs, you get "The Doofus". 

This book contains a variety of songs performed by that group, as notated by headliners Neal Walters and Heidi Cerrigione.

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This book is published by Neal Walters and Heidi Cerrigione, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Songs included:

Abe's Retreat
Blackest Crow, The
Booth Shot Lincoln
Camp Meeting On The 4th Of July
Duck River
End Of The Lane, The
Little Black Dog Came Trotting Down The Road
Massasoit Hornpipe
Sandy River Belle
Seneca Square Dance
Silver And Gold Two-Step
Spotted Pony
Spring Creek Girls
Sugar Baby
Sullivan's Hollow
Weevily Wheat

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