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Since long before the Internet was created, long before personal computers, long before email, PDFs, and compact discs, Folkcraft Instruments has been making mountain dulcimers and hammered dulcimers.

Starting with FolkRoots in 1968 (Howard Rugg in his Felton, California wood shop) and with Folkcraft Instruments in 1974 (David Marks in his Lyndonville, Vermont wood shop), Folkcraft has grown into one of the largest, most-trusted makers of folk instruments. is a website dedicated to providing modern instrumentalists with the best content available - PDFs of songbooks and instruction books, MP3 files of albums recorded by many of the greatest artists of our time.

We hope you'll find everything you need, here, and if there's something missing, please let us know what you want, and we'll talk to the artist that can fill your need.

Dulcimers? Since 1968. Digital downloads? Since 2019. No telling what you'll need in 2029, but we'll be there to help!