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Stephen Seifert - Join The Jam: Flatpick And Low Octave Edition

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Experience the versatility of the mountain dulcimer with this volume in the ever-popular "Join the Jam" series from Stephen Seifert. Exploring all facets of the dulcimer is a skill that the pros utilize every day and now you can with the help of this book.

102 pages

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This book is published by Stephen Seifert, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Songs included:

Amazing Grace - DAD Tuning
Angelina Baker - DAD Tuning
Arkansas Traveler - DAD Tuning
Aunt Rhodie - DAD Tuning
Barlow Knife - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Bile Them Cabbage Down - DAD Tuning
Black Mountain Rag - DAD Tuning
Boatman - DAD Tuning
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine - DAD Tuning
Bonaparte's Retreat - DAD Tuning
Buffalo Gals - DAD Tuning
Cherokee Shuffle - DAD Tuning
Chinese Breakdown - DAD Tuning
Cluck Old Hen - DAD Tuning - Capo 4
Cold Frosty Morning - DAD Tuning - Capo 4
Columbus Stockade Blues - DAD Tuning
Cripple Creek - DAD Tuning
Cucharin's Cross - DAD Tuning
Dixie - DAD Tuning
Dubuque - DAD Tuning
Eighth Of January - DAD Tuning
Fisher's Hornpipe - DAD Tuning
Flop Eared Mule - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss - DAD Tuning
Forked Deer - DAD Tuning
Goin' To Boston - DAD Tuning
Golden Slippers - DAD Tuning
Grey Cat On A Tennessee Farm - DAD Tuning
Ground Hog - DAD Tuning
Hangman's Reel - DAD Tuning - Capo 4
Johnson Boys - DAD Tuning
June Apple - DAD Tuning - Capo 4
Kitchen Girl - DAD Tuning - Capo 4
Liberty - DAD Tuning
Little Liza Jane - DAD Tuning
Liza Jane - DAD Tuning
May The Circle Be Unbroken - DAD Tuning
Midnight On The Water - DAD Tuning
Mississippi Sawyer - DAD Tuning
Nail That Catfish To A Tree - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Nonesuch - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Oh, Susannah - DAD Tuning
Old Joe Clark - DAD Tuning
Over The Waterfall - DAD Tuning
Ragtime Annie - DAD Tuning
Red Haired Boy - DAD Tuning - Capo 4
Red Wing - DAD Tuning
Reuben's Train - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Rock The Cradle Joe - DAD Tuning
Rosin The Beau - DAD Tuning
Sail Away Ladies - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Saint Anne's Reel - DAD Tuning
Sandy Boys - DAD Tuning - Capo 4
Sandy River Belle - DAD Tuning
Scotland The Brave - DAD Tuning
Seneca Square Dance - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Shady Grove - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Shortnin' Bread - DAD Tuning
Silly Bill - DAD Tuning
Soldier's Joy - DAD Tuning
Southern Aristocracy - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Southwind - DAD Tuning
Spotted Pony - DAD Tuning
Sugar Hill - DAD Tuning
The Fiddler Has Played His Last Waltz For The Night - DAD Tuning
The Girl I Left Behind Me - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Turkey In The Straw - DAD Tuning
Waterbound - DAD Tuning
Westfalia Waltz - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Westfork Gals - DAD Tuning
Whiskey Before Breakfast - DAD Tuning
Wildwood Flower - DAD Tuning
Year Of Jubilo - DAD Tuning
Yellow Rose Of Texas - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alan Richter
Jammin' the Night Away

With many of Stephen Seifert's "Join the Jam" books unavailable from Folkcraft I was glad to order this selection of his arrangements. Many I had not played before, because I did not have arrangements for them and am unable to play by ear but many I had. His arrangements are on the mark but not quite as enjoyable as those I have from other arrangers, primarily ones from Dona Benkert, my former instructor. I was glad to add the book to my growing library of mountain dulcimer songbooks but feel he is a better player than an arranger after playing a number of the ditties in the book. Nonetheless a fine selection of songs that will help keep your instrument an effective killer of time.

Jean Peterson
Love It

The book is well written and spiral bound to open flat. I wish you were still selling the regular octave book, it would save me a lot of leg work. Thanks.

Seifert shines!

A wonderful addition to the Join the Jam series. It provides challenges to us that want to broaden our skills.

Patricia Kraueter
Stuck at home n picking

Love this book easy to follow. I am a beginner who is stuck at home. It has helped me pass the time. It’s fun learning to play my dulcimer.