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Mark Gilston - English Country Dance Tunes, Volume 2

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When Mark Gilston (renowned ethnomusicologist, national dulcimer champion, and all-around great guy) puts together a set of dulcimer arrangements, he doesn't hold back. There are TWO books in this set, each with a SLEW of great songs. Each song has a great melody, and is fun to play. But also, each song has historical significance. Go ahead and get both volumes, and soon enough, YOU will know all the old English dance tunes, too!

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This book is published by Mark Gilston, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.


Songs included:

Black Nag
Dick's Maggot
Flight, The
Goose And The Gridiron, The
Hunt The Squirrel
Juice Of The Barley
Knives And Forks
Maid's Morris
Mr. Isaac's Maggot
Nobody's Jigg
Prince William
Sellenger's Round
Splendid Shilling, The
Step Stately
Touch And Take
A Trip To Paris
A Trip To Tunbridge
The Whim
Valentine's Day

Customer Reviews

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Charming English Dance Songs, Lots of Capo!

I have this Volume and Volume II. I have been playing dulcimer for just about three years. I really appreciate the tab on these songs. I like it when extra combinations of notes are added and it's not just three chords throughout. The capo really give the songs a neat sound. We need more books that use capos. The CD is really helpful and Mark also has YouTube videos of many of these songs so you can hear what they should sound like. These two volumes would make a great addition to your library.