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Jim Miller - Music Theory For Mountain Dulcimer

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Explains why we do what we do when we play. Covers scales, modes, intervals, chords, harmony, and inversions. Helps you become better at playing by ear.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Betty P.
Great Information - Worth Buying

This book deals specifically with music theory as it applies to the dulcimer. There is a great deal of information in the 20 plus pages. The explanations are concise and very easy to understand (which is sometimes unusual with music theory). This is a great aid. I'm glad I bought it. I believe this book will make me a better player.

Brian Nordmann
A useful book


Brian Ackerly (briaackerl_0)
Small but concise

And outta my comprehension level. Not for beginners but someone with some understanding of music theory.

Sarah Pritchard

To be honest I haven’t read it yet but I love having a book about it

Doyle Sauerwein
Music theiory

The book is full of good information but the book was over my head.