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Elwood Donnelly - Such Singing You Will Hear: 35 Songs Of The Carter Family

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After many years of reading and studying Carter Family memorabilia, as well as listening to and practicing most of their recordings, Elwood Donnelly has compiled 35 of the 300 songs by the Carter Family into a book of instructions and notes for mountain dulcimer, backup and voice.

The Carter Family was a country music group from Maces Spring, Virginia on Clinch Mountain, made of of Alvin Pleasants (A.P.) Carter, his wife Sara, and her cousin Maybelle Addington. Their skillful playing and close-harmony singing made them a huge commercial success beginning in 1927, right through the Depression and into the early 1940's. Their songs have bewitched music fans and players ever since.

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Your ZIP file will include:

  • The complete book, in PDF format (92 pages)
  • A folder with each song in a separate PDF, so that you can sort the titles alphabetically (35 files)

This book is published by Elwood Donnelly, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Songs included:

Gospel Ship - DAD Tuning
I'm Working On A Building - DAD Tuning
Little Moses - DAD Tuning
There's No Hiding Place Down Here - DAD Tuning
The Wayworn Traveler - DAD Tuning
When This Evening Sun Goes Down - DAD Tuning
Anchored In Love - DAD Tuning
Faded Coat Of Blue - DAD Tuning
Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room - DAD Tuning
Hold Fast To The Right - DAD Tuning
Homestead On The Farm - DAD Tuning
I Wouldn't Mind Dying - DAD Tuning
Just A Few More Days - DAD Tuning
Kissing Is A Crime - DAD Tuning
Little Log Hut In The Lane - DAD Tuning
Lonesome Valley - DAD Tuning
Look How This World Has Made A Change - DAD Tuning
Meet Me By The Moonlight, Alone - DAD Tuning
Meeting In The Air - DAD Tuning
My Dixie Darling - DAD Tuning
My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains - DAD Tuning
My Native Home - DAD Tuning
Poor Orphan Child - DAD Tuning
River Of Jordan - DAD Tuning
Single Girl, Married Girl - DAD Tuning
Sinking In The Lonesome Sea - DAD Tuning
Sow 'Em On The Mountain - DAD Tuning
Sunshine In The Shadows - DAD Tuning
Sweet Fern - DAD Tuning
When I'm Gone - DAD Tuning
Where Shall I Be? - DAD Tuning
Where We'll Never Grow Old - DAD Tuning
Wildwood Flower - DAD Tuning
Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? - DAD Tuning
Winding Stream - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Brian Nordmann
A music book worthy of being a special gift

This is an exceptional book. It is written for the mountain dulcimer community but enough care was taken in its design that it would be a great gift for anyone interested in the very early days of what now is considered country music. 35 songs that every true country/folk music aficionado should know with standard notation, dulcimer tab, chords, lyrics amd anecdotal history of the tunes. Great stuff for very little money.

Cynthia Rossi
Great job, Elwood!

I love what Elwood has done with this music! I'm so excited to have the tab and the Carter family songs. Thank you, Elwood!

Andrea Boldt
Highly recommended

Beautiful book. Donnelly has clearly put a lot of work into the research of the history of the Carter family and their contribution and influence of folk music in the US. The book teaches about the mountain dulcimer with info on reading tablature, fingering, chords, and much more, including a bit of history on each song and it’s origins, with lyrics. A great book to have for a mountain dulcimer player of any level.

Doyle Sauerwein

Good old country music, fun if you like to sing along.