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Don Pedi - Bound To Have A Little Fun!

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From the ever-talented Don Pedi comes this book of amazing tunes. All fun, and all transcribed just for you with Don's attention to detail, historical accuracy, and extensive knowledge of the mountain dulcimer. A few of the tunes in this book are presented in multiple tunings.

With your purchase, we'll email you a link so that you may download the PDF. The PDF file is in ZIP format - you'll need to unzip the file after your download is complete.

After you've extracted the files from your ZIP folder, you can print the sheet music, or enjoy it on your tablet or PC.

Your ZIP file will include:

  • The complete book, in PDF format (63 pages)
  • A folder with each song in a separate PDF, so you can sort the titles alphabetically (29 files)
  • A folder with an MP3 version of each song (29 files)

      This book is published by Don Pedi, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

      Songs included:

      Boatin’ Up Sand On The Little Sandy - EAE Tuning
      Bound To Have A Little Fun - AEA Tuning
      Bullfrog On A Puncheon Floor - DGD Tuning
      Elk River Blues - DGD Tuning
      Fly Around My Blue Eyed Girl - DAD Tuning
      Happy Hollow - AEA Tuning
      Hickory Jack - EAD Tuning
      Hog Eye Man - AEA Tuning
      Hog Eye Man - EAE Tuning
      Hopping John - DAD Tuning
      Jenny In The Cotton Patch - DGD Tuning
      Jenny In The Cotton Patch - DAD Tuning
      Last of Harris - DGD Tuning
      Long Time Traveling - DAD Tuning
      Old Bill Hell - DGD Tuning
      Old Christmas - EAE Tuning
      Old Christmas - DAD Tuning
      Pretty Betty Martin - EAE Tuning
      Pretty Betty Martin - DAD Tuning
      Rose In The Mountain - DAD Tuning
      Sally In The Garden - DAA Tuning
      Sally’s Got Mud Between Her Toes - DAA Tuning
      Shoe Heels Crackin’ On the Floor - DGD Tuning
      Speed Of The Plow - EAE Tuning
      Steppin’ In The Parlor - DAA Tuning
      Sweet Marie - EAE Tuning
      Trouble On The Mind - EAE Tuning
      Trouble On The Mind - DAD Tuning
      Windham - DAC Tuning

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Getting over being scared to retune!

      To retune is not as scary as I once thought. Its “Good for you” Don’s tab is clear, easy to read. Join his pateron group and jam with him every Wednesday. Its a deal at that price! Happy strumming!

      Sandra True

      I always enjoy playing new music.

      Linda Fisher

      Fun to play and easy to read. Thanks