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Dana Gruber - The Pickin' Porch

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Pick and strum to perfection with Dana Gruber's The Pickin' Porch. This collection of arrangements includes both standard notation and dulcimer tablature, plus guitar chords for versatile jamming. Classic porch-picking fun awaits! (No porch required.)

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This book is published by Fingers Of Steel, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Songs included:

Arkansas Traveler (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Arkansas Traveler - DGD Tunig
Black Cat In A Briar Patch - DAD Tuning
Camp Meeting On The Fourth Of July (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Camp Meeting On The Fourth Of July - DAD Tuning
Chicken Reel - Joseph M. Daley - AEA Tuning
Dubuque - DGD Tuning
Fisher's Hornpipe - DGD Tuning
Folding Down The Sheets - DAD Tuning
Hangman's Reel (Melody Version) - AEA Tuning
Hangman's Reel (Harmony Version) - AEA Tuning
John Stinson #2 (Capo 3) - GCD Tuning
Joke On The Puppy (Capo 3) - GDG Tuning
Liberty (Easy Version) - DGD Tuning
Liberty - DGD Tuning
Nail That Catfish To The Tree - DAD Tuning
Red-Haired Boy - ADA Tuning
Red Hills Polka - DAD Tuning
Rundown Boot - DAD Tuning
Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Further In The Fire (Easy Version) - DGD Tuning
Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Further In The Fire - DAD TuniGg
The Girl I Left Behind Me - DGD Tuning
The Irish Washer Woman - GDG Tuning
Turkey In The Straw - GDG Tuning
Under The Double Eagle (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Under The Double Eagle - DAD Tuning

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Picking Porch

Great book for just playing by yourself or with others