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Dana Gruber - Play Pretty

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Here's another hybrid songbook/teaching book from the renowned performer and instructor, Dana Gruber. We've listed the song, along with the technique she's illustrating (in parenthesis) below. All songs are in DAD tuning, unless otherwise noted.

With your purchase, we'll email you a link so that you may download the PDF version of your new book. The PDF file is in ZIP format - you'll need to unzip the file after your download is complete.

After you've extracted the files from your ZIP folder, you can print the sheet music, or enjoy it on your tablet or PC.

Your ZIP file will include:

  • The complete book, in PDF format (40 pages)
  • A folder with each song in a separate PDF, so that you can sort the titles alphabetically (18 files)

This book is published by Dana Gruber, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Songs included:

Aura Lee (Legato And 7th Chords)
Red Is The Rose (Fill Bass Notes)
Dixie (Playing With Feeling)
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (Turns)
Greensleeves (Using A Capo) - Capo 1
I Gave My Love A Cherry (Using A Capo) - Capo 3
All Things Are Quite Silent (Turns)
Gentle Annie - Stephen Foster (Seventh/Bridge Chords)
Scarborough Fair (Flat-Picking)
Do You Love An Apple (Syncopation)
Down By The Sally Gardens (Hammer-On)
Shenandoah (Musical Dynamics)
I Gave My Love A Cherry (DGD Tuning)
Farewell To Liverpool (aka Leaving Of Liverpool) (Slides & Pull-offs)
Dixie (Enhanced Version) (Utilizing The Middle String For Melody)
Greensleeves (Enhanced Version) (Arpeggiating/Fingerpick Style/Harmonics)
House Of The Rising Sun (Using A Capo/Playing Above The 7th Fret) - Capo 4

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