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Aubrey Atwater - Song By Song, Vol. II

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Learn and enjoy the traditional songs in Aubrey Atwater's book of dulcimer tablature "Song By Song, Volume II". Collected from great artists, songwriters, and composers, these songs are presented in the most appropriate tunings, making it easy to play on your dulcimer. Many of the songs include lyrics, so you can sing along as you go.

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Your ZIP file will include:

  • The complete book, in PDF format (157 pages)
  • A folder with each song in a separate PDF, so that you can sort the titles alphabetically (64 files)

This book is published by Aubrey Atwater, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Songs included:

A Case Of You
- GGG Tuning
A Country Life - DGD Tuning
A King Was Born - DAD Tuning
Abolitionist's Hymn - DAD Tuning
All I Want - F# F# G# Tuning
All On A Christmas Morning - DAD Tuning
Angel Band - DAA Tuning
Angel's Part, The - CGDC Tuning
As I Roved Out - DGDD Tuning
Black Waters - DAD Tuning
Block Island Song - DAD Tuning
Bold Riley - DAD Tuning
Bonnie James Campbell - EAED Tuning
Brightest And Best - DAD Tuning
Buck Eyed Rabbit - DAD Tuning
Cherry Tree Carol, The - DAA Tuning
Christ Was Born In Bethlehem - DAD Tuning
Conscript's Departure, The - Jeannette And Jeannot - DGD Tuning
Devil And The Farmer's Wife, The - EAE Tuning
Four Nights Drunk - DAD Tuning
The Fox - DAD Tuning
The Golden Glove - DAD Tuning
Granny Will Your Dog Bite - DAA Tuning
Hey Ho, Nobody Home - DAG Tuning
Hush Be Still - DAD Tuning
I Had A Rooster - DAD Tuning
I Had A Sister Sally Who Was Younger Than I Am (Don't Let Me Die An Old Maid) - DAD Tuning
I Have A Little Secret - DAA Tuning
In The Springtime - DAC Tuning
Jamestown Homeward Bound - DAD Tuning
Jenny Jenkins - DAD Tuning
Jolly Miller - DAD Tuning
Killy Kranky - DAA Tuning
Kingdom Come - DAD Tuning
Love Somebody, Yes I Do - DAA Tuning
Loving Hannah - DAD Tuning
Magdalena Hagdalena - DAD Tuning
Morning Come, Maria's Gone - DAG Tuning
My Bonny, Bonny Boat - DAD Tuning
Nine Hundred Miles - DAC Tuning
Old Betty Larkin - DAC Tuning
One I Love - DAC Tuning
Over The River To Feed My Sheep - DAG Tuning
The Peace Round - DAG Tuning
Polly Put The Kettle On - DAD Tuning
Resignation - DAD Tuning
Saddle And Ride - EBBD Tuning
Scary Song - DAC Tuning
Single Girl, Married Girl - DADD Tuning
The Single Sailor - DAD Tuning
Spanish Lady - DAD Tuning
Spanish Lady - DADD Tuning
Swapping Song - DAA Tuning
There Was An Old Woman And She Had A Little Pig - DAD Tuning
Train A-Comin' - DAD Tuning
Two Sisters - DAD Tuning
Who, Diddlum Dinktum - DAD Tuning
Willie O' Winsbury - DAD Tuning
Winter Solstice - DAG Tuning
Wintergrace - DAG Tuning
The World Is Old Tonight - DAG Tuning
Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn - DAG Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Frances Molinengo
How can you not Love Aubrey’s books

I have enjoyed learning songs in Aubrey’s books! They are so fun and she orovides the words, tab, and so much more! I want more!!!

Hedda Doyle
So Happy!

I'm so happy to find someone who sings with their dulcimer. I've been searching for Joni Mitchell MD tabs and am so happy to have found them.