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Aaron O'Rourke - Mastering Variations, Vol. 1

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Learn rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic variations for 7 common tunes that are likely to be played in dulcimer clubs and festival jams. In "Mastering Variations, Volume 1," Aaron O'Rourke arranges each tune into four variations: Rhythmic, Melodic, Harmonic, and All-Put-Together. A basic version of each tune it also provided to help get you started.

As part of your download, we've included a folder with 28 tracks - recordings of Aaron demonstrating the various exercises.

With your purchase, we'll email you a link so that you may download the PDF version of your new book. The PDF file is in ZIP format - you'll need to unzip the file after your download is complete.

After you've extracted the files from your ZIP folder, you can print the sheet music, or enjoy it on your tablet or PC.

Your ZIP file will include:

  • The complete book, in PDF format (69 pages)
  • A folder with each song's demo track, in MP3 format, so that you can hear how each song/example is supposed to be played (28 tracks)

This book is published by Fingers Of Steel, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Customer Reviews

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Keith Keener
Multitasking variations

This is an outstanding addition to the catalog of MD instructional books. Aaron provides seven sets of variations on a basic tune, by varying first the rhythmic pattern, then melody tweaks, harmonic chords, and finally a mix-and-match blending of all four. A practical approach to eclectic playing, especially useful for advanced-beginner and intermediate players.

Mary Beth Hennessy
Mastering O’Rourke

I’ve only begun to tap into this, working on a couple songs through following his variations and I’m learning so much. And, everything I’m learning on these initial songs helps me with others. I love his harmonic variations, they bend my ear, and I love that.