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Aaron O'Rourke - Irish Session Tunes, Volume 2

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"Irish Session Tunes, Volume 2" is a collection of MORE jigs, reels, and polkas commonly played in Irish sessions arranged for the mountain dulcimer by master dulcimer player Aaron O'Rourke. This book includes a brief introduction to playing in an Irish session and explanation of Irish ornamentation. Free downloadable audio tracks are available, which demonstrate the songs. The tracks include both fast and slow versions of each tune.

With your purchase, we'll email you a link so that you may download the PDF. The PDF file is in ZIP format - you'll need to unzip the file after your download is complete.

After you've extracted the files from your ZIP folder, you can print the sheet music, or enjoy it on your tablet or PC.

Your ZIP file will include:

  • The complete book, in PDF format (53 pages)
  • A folder with each song in a separate PDF, so you can sort the titles alphabetically (32 files)
  • A folder with recordings of each song, in MP3 format, so that you can hear each song as it is written (32 tracks)

This book is published by Fingers Of Steel, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Songs included:


Concertina Reel - DAD Tuning
Drunken Landlady - DAD Tuning
Fair Wind - DAD Tuning
Father Kelly's - DAD Tuning
Love At The Endings - DAD Tuning
Miss Monaghan - DAD Tuning
Mountain Road - DAD Tuning
Otter's Holt - DAD Tuning
Palmer's Gate - DAD Tuning
Providence Reel - DAD Tuning
Stoney Steps - DAD Tuning
The Banshee - DAD Tuning
The Hare's Paw - DAD Tuning
The Youngest Daughter - DAD Tuning
The Willow Tree - DAD Tuning
Boys Of The Town - DAD Tuning
Butlers Of Glenn Avenue - DAD Tuning
Castletown Conners - DAD Tuning
Gillian's Apples - DAD Tuning
Lark On The Strand - DAD Tuning
Old Hag You've Killed Me - DAD Tuning
Maids Of Glenroe - DAD Tuning
Roscommon Jig - DAD Tuning
Sporting Pitchfork - DAD Tuning
Strike The Gray Harp - DAD Tuning
The Black Rogue - DAD Tuning
The Cashel Jig - DAD Tuning
Tommy Mulhair's - DAD Tuning
Tripping Up The Stairs - DAD Tuning
Babes In The Wood - DAD Tuning
Buddy Fury's - DAD Tuning
O'Connor's - DAD Tuning
Paddy Scanlon's - DAD Tuning
The Galway Belle - DAD Tuning
The Kinard Polka - DAD Tuning

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