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Steve Eulberg

steve eulberg

From the virtuoso himself (Steve Eulberg, of course)...

I stand within the tradition of handmade, acoustic, home-grown music, giving life to old songs and tunes and songs by passing them on while creating new ones to add to the mix.

The warm vibrations and resonance of wood and strings inspire in me a hope I am compelled to share with audiences.

I bring virtuosity and surprise to performances; thoughtful songwriting which utilizes humor; honoring and stretching traditional expectations, and like jazz--bringing new perspectives to embrace the broken lives and tattered fringes of life and re-weave them into strands of hope.

I play the hammered dulcimer which is present in cultures across the globe and the mountain dulcimer which has crossed cultural boundaries to be adopted by people outside of its origins.

There is an ancestral resonance that people feel when hearing these instruments brings a human tribal unity to those in the audience.