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Shawn McCurdy

shawn mccurdyShawn first picked up a dulcimer around 2010 when she lived in the village of Geneva, FL. She had been searching for a less mainstream instrument to replace the piano she studied as a music major in college, but no longer had. Shawn found her dulcimer home with the Picky Chics & Chaps in Sanford, FL, and spent many Saturday afternoons as an enthusiastic member and later as music director for the club. After relocating to northeast GA in 2015, she joined two nearby NC groups, the Nikwasi Dulcimer Players in Franklin and the Mountain High Players in Highlands, and has enjoyed their frequent outings at local events and venues.

Early on in her dulcimer career, Shawn became interested in arranging her own
music. Fluent in standard musical notation, she was able to translate music she had to dulcimer-ese, while accommodating the dulcimer's more limited range and harmonic capabilities. Shawn doesn't consider herself a traditionalist—she enjoys playing classical, jazz, rock, pop, and anything else that strikes her musical fancy.