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Kirk House

kirk houseKirk House has been playing the dulcimer for 12 years; for the last six years he has specialized in the bass dulcimer.  He is a Nationally Certified Dulcimer Teacher, through Western Carolina University (Dulcimer U program). Kirk plays several different styles and designs of bass dulcimer, including 3-string, 4-string, and double-bass.  He performs as part of a duo with his wife Judy House, as well as a member of the trio 'Cantabile-Jubilee', and the quartet string section, 'SASSY'.

Other musical interests of Kirk's include mandolin, bowed dulcimer, ukulele, and shape-note singing.  Kirk recently published his first music book (co-authored, with his wife Judy) - a collection of multi-part ensemble arrangements for dulcimer.  He is excited about traveling with Judy in the upcoming year, teaching and performing these songs.

For a complete list of Kirk House's publications, please click here.