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Direct to tablet

Download and extract the ZIP file

You will get a link, via email, that allows you to download your purchase from

Click on the link, and save the file on your tablet. Tablets (especially iPads) are notoriously difficult when it comes to selecting files, moving them around directories, and manipulating folders. It can be done, but might require additional software.

File names ending in .ZIP will need to be "unzipped" (decompressed, expanded, extracted) before you can use them. Unzip your new download.

Copy the unzipped (extracted) files to your DropBox folder. Place the directory of audio tracks in the audio (music, CD, etc.) folder. Place the sheet music (either the whole book, or the individual songs) into a shared folder that holds all of the rest of your sheet music. We don't recommend that you sort songs or books into their own folders. Having all of your books and music in a single folder is easier.

Sheet Music

Using a PDF viewer designed to manage sheet music (FourScore is popular, as is Mobile Sheets Pro), open the sheet music you want to see, and enjoy playing it.

All of your purchase have a consistent file name. For individual songs, we use this format: "Song Name", followed by "Arranger Name". Example: "Spotted Pony - Bing Futch". Books are named by author name, followed by the book title. Example: "Futch, Bing - Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer". A consistent naming strategy allows you to find books and songs quickly and easily..

Songs (audio files)

Click on any of the songs, and play them one at a time. For more convenience, use a music player (iTunes, for example) to play all of the songs in an album.