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Andy Robinson

andy robinson dulcimer photo

In Andy's own words...

When I was a kid I had the melodies, rhythms and sensibilities of the British Invasion groups running through my head and heart, pretty much 24/7. As I grew older I learned to play and found that music was a good way for me to process life. I tend to think of music as one big experiment.

Some of the more “notable” bands I’ve played in are mentioned on my website,
. If there is a common thread to the music I’ve played, it’s that I generally make the “unusual” choice, whether it is playing lead solos on mountain dulcimer, singing wordless vocals, having a kalimba be the driving force in the rhythm section of a rock arrangement, or having a tuba play whatever bass part I have in mind.

The way I figure it, in the studio anything goes. On my instrumental albums, the fun starts with me wondering what will happen if I try these crazy ideas, and then discovering what actually does happen. All within the context of catchy melodies and toe-tapping rhythms, of course. I hope you’ll have as much fun listening to this music as I did making it.