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Melanie Johnston - TablEdit Manual, MAC Version

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62 pages of "how to" instruction for creating your own beautiful notation and dulcimer tab. Even with an "easy-to-use" program like TablEdit, it it often confusing. Melanie's book (this TablEdit Manual) makes great-looking notation achievable for even the novice music publisher.

Tons of screen shots, showing options and recommendations, and you'll be sure to have great-looking tablature.

This book is available in both PC and Macintosh editions. This particular download is for the PC version.

Updated 5/4/20 to show techniques and examples from the latest version (3.0) of the TablEdit software. Previous purchasers of the downloadable 2.7 book can now download the new version (3.0) at no charge.

With your purchase, we'll email you a link so that you may download the PDF version of your new book. The PDF file is in ZIP format - you'll need to unzip the file after your download is complete.

After you've extracted the files from your ZIP folder, you can print the sheet music, or enjoy it on your tablet or PC.

Your ZIP file will include:

  • The complete book, in PDF format (59 pages)

This book is published by Melanie Johnston, and is made available here as an authorized, licensed download.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
TablEdit - PC Edition

The book seems to be very well done. I have not had a chance to study all details, but will be taking her virtual class in April.

Melanie Johnston - TablEdit Manual

I have just begun with it, but it takes a very easy to follow step-by-step to get things set up. So far, I am extremely happy and it is shortening my time to become a user, rather than a fumble-througher.

Tab|Edit Manual - PC

Just what I was looking for. The full-blown manual from Tab|Edit includes things I won't ever use. This one is customized for dulcimer. In the first 5 minutes of reading, the author cleared up 3 questions I've had.

TablEdit Help

Melanie Johnston's TablEdit manual helps clear up the mystery of using TablEdit. The manual addressed a lot of the problems I was having using the program.


Melanie Johnston - TablEdit Manual, PC Version